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saves energy, helps reduce pollution, conserves natural resources, reduces the need for landfill and will probably save you money.

There are on-site recyling points - see drop down map for their location. There are also recycling points at the Sports centre on Mitchell Avenue and at Tesco Supermarket.

Office recycling - benefits

  • recycling your office waste can save your company money
  • will improve you company image and hold you in good stead with customers
  • will help to reduce your environmental impact

Landfill tax
The cost of putting waste into landfill has been steadily increasing since 2001, the landfill tax for waste is rising steadily

The standard rate is £86.10 per tonne from 1 April 2017

Landfill v Recycling
Initially, there will be costs involved to set-up/ update you recycling facilities. However, with landfill costs increasing steadily each year, you could recoup these costs in the long term by reducing and recycling your waste.

Coventry's Waste Recycling Page

The Recycling Guide Organisation

Email us with any comments on Green issues via the contact us page and we will happily put them in front of the next Westwood Business Park Committee meeting